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February 18, 2012


This is a great list of ten extreme examples of gender inequality and highlights very important issues of gender-specific human rights violations.

We should note, though, that only female inequality is included as it is usually, if not always, the girls who would be treated unfairly and not the guys.

There are some very hard hitting emotional stories included, like how 15 girls were forbidden from leaving a burning building by the Saudi Arabian religious police because their heads weren’t properly veiled which resulted in all of them dying. It is truly makes hard to believe that such inequalities still exist and it disgusts me to find that in China, girls can be strangled by their own umbilical cord after being born because their parents want a male child.

The examples of gender inequality given above are the most extreme cases, as mentioned by it’s title, but there are many other smaller cases of gender inequality existing even in western societies,. Women can get smaller salaries than men on average and the majority of top level management posts ate filled by men. The situation is improving though, and I can only hope that in the future the divide narrows further.

Jokes constantly go around about women’s incompetencies in certain things like driving. I, myself, have encountered cases where whenever a bad driver is seen, it is assumed to be a female. Even though, many times they do happen to be females, I am sure that there are many male drivers who are incompetent and female drivers who are incompetent. It pains me to see such stereotyping.

Furthermore, there are always jokes about how women should simply stay in the kitchen, the most recent of which is a trend for guys to say ‘Go make me a sandwich’ to girls. Below is a great example of such jokes circulating the internet.


I am a guy, but I am uncertain if it is too much to hope that someday the entire world will accord rights fairly to both genders.


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